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    Caring for the children of employees to read and become talents is to pay attention to the progress of their families and future happiness. On September 30th, Zhongshan Shengxing. LLC held the activity of "caring for the children of employees to study and become talents". The participants of the activity were the children of employees from primary school to university.


    According to the registration statistics, Shengxing Co., Ltd. has a total of 130 employees' children to participate in the activities, including 5 employees' children who are newly promoted to colleges and universities or above in 2019, respectively, Imperial College London in London, Manchester University in the UK, Sanjiang University in Nanjing, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction.

    In order to reward the success of their children's studies, Shengxing joint stock Union will give them a scholarship of 500-1000 yuan (1000 yuan for one copy, 800 yuan for two copies, and 500 yuan for junior college). Secondly, for the children of the employees from primary school to high school, Shengxing joint stock Union will present a set of learning supplies worth 150 yuan per person (one OIWAS schoolbag, one Feijian stainless steel heat preservation sports kettle and one hardbound notebook).

    It is reported that since the activity of "caring for the children of employees to study and become talents" has been carried out for five years, nearly 30 Shengxing employees' children admitted to Fudan University, Tianjin University of Finance and economics, overseas Chinese University, Southwest University of science and technology, Wuyi University, Guangdong Ocean University, Southwest University of Finance and economics and other domestic and foreign colleges and universities have been awarded, and nearly 300 sets of learning supplies have been given to employees' children.

    Over the years, Shengxing shares, through these practical actions, encourages employees to attach importance to their children's education and encourage their children to study and become talented. At the same time, it expects to achieve more excellent prosperous families and social elites, and contribute its own strength to the development of the country. This is the social responsibility of the enterprise and the driving force for the promotion of prosperous people.

    While developing itself, Shengxing shares pays close attention to the importance of knowledge in enterprises and employees, and understands the importance of knowledge acquisition and inheritance for each Shengxing employee's family and children. To encourage every Shengxing employee to pay attention to education and encourage their children to study and become talents is the concept and action that Shengxing has always adhered to.