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    The annual tourism of employees was completed in June and July. According to different standards of tourism welfare, all employees organized and planned 4-day tour of Jiangxi scenery, 3-day tour of Guilin mountains and waters, and 1-day tour of Dongguan Yinxian mountain villa, while the project department and branch company conducted local tour and leisure. Some of the family members of the staff also participated in the company's tourism activities, sharing the family's pleasure of traveling.

    Four day tour in Jiangxi: Jiangxi line is a four-day tour, completed in batch. According to the itinerary, I visited the former site of the New Fourth Army Military Department of Nanchang, the national AAAAA level scenic spot "the first fairyland in the south of the Yangtze River, the unparalleled blessing in the world" - Sanqing mountain, "Wuyuan, the most beautiful village in China" and Jingdezhen, the capital of porcelain.

    Three day tour of Guilin mountains and rivers: Guilin line is divided into two groups. It has visited the national AAAA level scenic spot -- Mulong lake and ASEAN Park, which is built on the basis of "riverside map of Qingming Festival". It has unique natural ecological environment of Lijiang River, Diecai mountain and Yinyan, as well as Xingping Town, the earliest county government in Yangshuo history, guanxingping century old banyan tree, Xingping ancient street, and Xingping fishing town by boat Villages and so on, appreciate the national customs and taste the special food.

    One day tour of Yinxian mountain villa: Dongguan Yinxian mountain villa is located in the happy valley of Dongguan, a large-scale tourism, leisure and holiday resort. Employees have played advanced and stimulating amusement projects, large-scale zoos, red glass bridge, ice and snow world, water park, and enjoy the acrobatic performance of national characteristics.